Siena Memphis Basketball(January 3rd 2008)

MEMPHIS — Memphis SAT on a quick lead, brought in substitutes, and dominated in a 102-58 victory over the Siena Saints.

Memphis’ starters were surprised to vacate their positions early. Coach John Calipari became frustrated with their play and pulled all five starters within a minute of the game.

Kenny Hasbrouck led the Saints with 18 points. Tay Fisher scored 14 for the Saints. The Tigers moved to 12-0 and won their 39th straight home game. Siena is 7-5.

Although Memphis vacated all of their wins, this game still “happened”… or did it?

Try to explain this:

  • Siena lost and they will not change that in the record books. That is NCAA policy.
  • Head Coach John Calipari has established a reputation of Final Four teams. After leading UMass to a Final Four in 1996, he cemented his reputation as a top coach by leading Memphis to a Final Four and minutes away from a championship. He is now trying to lead Kentucky into establishing its reputation as a top program.
  • Derrick Rose is now in the NBA.
  • Tay Fisher and all of the Saints points still ‘exist’. This photo might explain where they do exist:
  • RaidersWarehouse
  • I’m sure the NCAA has “top men” working on it right now.
  • Memphis’ will vacate the win but Siena still takes a loss.

I’m trying to find a real winner here and I think I found the answer: nobody.

Memphis will pay for a crime which their current players and coaches didn’t commit.