In years past, for a student to be guarenteed access to a men’s basketball game they had to pay a $10 initial fee to join the Dog Pound. All other student tickets were served out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Starting this year, Siena is offering three new ticket options to its students;

  • $50 season tickets inside the floor sections
  • $30 shirt & tickets for the seats behind the floor sections
  • $10 Dog Pound t-shirt and no tickets

Tickets for Juniors and Seniors go on sale Tomorrow, Sept. 29th  inside the MAC from 7-10 pmFreshman and Sophmores will be able to purchase tickets the following day at the same time and location.

This new policy does solve the problem of tremendous lines clogging up the MAC and cafeteria with students trying to get tickets on game day. However, it does hurt the casual Saint fan on campus who now has to pay to catch the occasional game.

Matt 10:37pm: I wonder if they’re still going to charge students to go to the games, in other words, can a student still show up on game day and get a free ticket with their Siena ID?