Who needs Duke/UNC when we have the capital region’s best sports rivalry game coming up this Saturday at the Times Union Center! In recent years this local ‘backyard brawl’ has been such a huge community event, and has brought some great memories to fans and students.

I love the UAlbany game. I remember going crazy during that triple overtime game a couple years ago. The place is always packed, and it’s one of the most fun games of the season to go to.
- Senior Michael DiSiena

This game’s popularity may be best reflected on Siena campus. The festivities will begin Friday night– in townhouses and dorm rooms throughout the college. The Saturday pregame will include large amounts of food (pizza), drinks (soda), face-painting, and Dog Pound chants. Outside of the MAAC Tournament, the game against UAlbany incites the most excitement from Siena students.

I’m getting all my work done early so I have the whole weekend free. Everyone I know is going to the game, and if we win I know that campus will be a lot of fun Saturday night.
- Aaron Asher.

Naturally the Siena bars like Dapps and the Landing Zone will be busy this weekend, but the game should bring a large crowd downtown as well. Would anyone know of some spots in Albany where Siena fans can go before/after the game? The TUC should be a sea of yellow on Saturday as students will be wearing this year’s new Dog Pound t-shirts. The Pound is always looking for creative chants to yell out, especially against UAlbany. Any good suggestions? Do you have a favorite chant you want to hear this weekend? Let us know!