Chuck King, the Managing Editor of – the premiere place for Owls news and notes, took time out of his busy schedule to give us insight into FAU and preview Monday night’s game.

Siena Saints Blog: This appears to be a very good team coming off wins against two major conference teams (and Hofstra Saturday afternoon), what has been the difference between now and the past few years?

Chuck King/FAU Owl Access: A little more experience. This team only won six games last in 2008-09, Jarvis’ first season. He cleaned house, and put together a competitive team loaded with freshmen and sophomores last year. They continue to gain confidence on the court.

FAU is also receiving a huge boost from sophomore Kore White, who transferred from Marshall. After a slow start to this season, White has given the Owls a post-player they can rely on in the final minutes.

Siena Saints Blog: Will this be the first time since 2006-07 season that FAU will finish over .500?

Chuck King/FAU Owl Access: Should be. There is no reason to believe they won’t finish at least a game above .500 in conference play, which means the Owls only need to win one of their final four non-conference games. Florida Memorial, an NAIA team, at home shouldn’t be a problem. The Owls also have a struggling Siena team on Monday and Manhattan at home. DePaul in Chicago to close the current five-game, 12-day road trip may be a bit much to ask, but how special is DePaul (and their RPI of 327) this season?

Siena Saints Blog: Looking at past games, FAU has played well in high paced games and low paced games, what type of game (offense and defense) should Saints fans be looking forward to seeing out of FAU? which suits the Owls better?

Chuck King/FAU Owl Access: You’re right – FAU has shown it can play both ways. Jarvis likes his teams to be able to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of the Owls’ opponents. The Owls have been employing a more deliberate style on offense recently, and that could continue on Monday as they try to exploit the Saints’ relative lack of size down low. That being said, if the Saints try to pressure Alex Tucker, Ray Taylor and Dennis Mavin, I’m sure FAU won’t be afraid to push the ball.

Siena Saints Blog: FAU has turned the ball over at an extremely low rate and the Saints like to bring pressure and a full court press, how do you think the Owls will handle playing against that?

Chuck King/FAU Owl Access: It looked like FAU’s turnover affinity returned in the opening minutes against Hofstra on Saturday, but that may have simply been rust from a seven-day layoff and final exams. They played much better down the stretch, and I suspect the team that played in the second half will be the one Siena fans see on Monday.

Siena Saints Blog: What match up are you looking forward to the most on Monday night?

Chuck King/FAU Owl Access: Post play will determine this one. FAU’s big men have plyed much better in recent games in part because they have avoided foul trouble. If Ryan Rossiter can get Brett Royster and Kore White into foul trouble, Siena could stick in this one. If Royster can contain Rossiter, Siena is going to have a hard time winning.

Siena Saints Blog: Prediction?

Chuck King/FAU Owl Access: Siena would have been a tougher opponent had they been the first team the Owls faced on this road trip. I think the momentum from Saturday’s win against Hofstra carries over to Monday. FAU crosses Siena’s magical 70-point barrier and wins by double figures.

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