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MattMatt is a true Siena Saints fanatic. He attended Siena from 2003-2007 where he was frequently found at The Pepsi Arena screaming until his voice was no more. He was featured as one of the face painters several times in his career as a fan. Matt currently works at as a web developer and enjoys long runs on the beach, and watching his Mets beat the Cardinals.
TimTim will graduate Siena College in the Spring of 2010 with a degree in English and Writing and Communications. Having grown up in the capital region, he has been a fan of the Saints for many years. When he’s not rooting for Siena, Tim is busy watching his Red Sox win World Series titles and his Steelers win Superbowl rings.
RyanRyan is the proof the Siena Saints Blog knows no such word as bias. Ryan graduated from Marist College in 2008 with a degree in Sports Journalism. Ryan will forever hold it against Matt that Siena beat Marist in the MAAC tournament in 2007, taking it to the grave that “it was Marist’s year!”
JayJay is a graduate from the University at Albany with a degree in English. Before you send in any hate mail, rest assured the he’s been a fan since before the 1989 season, when he first started attending Siena games as a teenager. The Saints continue to be a source of Capital Region pride for Jay, as they’ve become his second favorite sports team; eclipsed only by the St. Louis Cardinals.
KevinKevin is our Social Media mastermind. He’s still writing his bio as you read this…

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We’ll be interview basketball writers as often as we can, and we’ll get the interviews up as quick as we can. We’ve interviewed basketball personnel such as Ken Pomeroy,’s Raphielle Johnson, Kyle Whelliston, and there are many more to come…


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