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Meet The 2010 Siena Saints

South: #4 Purdue vs. #13 Siena Who is Siena? Haven’t I seen this name the past two years in my bracket? This name is so familiar I should just pick them right? Yes, and yes. It’s a great day in sports; it’s the day that you spend penciling in teams in your bracket, until you [...]

The ‘What If?’ Game

Colin Nickerson of the Fairfield Stags just missed a three pointer to win the game Monday night and potentially send the Saints into the at-large conversation. If Nickerson made that three pointer Monday night, would the Saints be able to stir tournament talk today or would they have been bound to the NIT? Gathering around [...]

Bernie Drives To the Basket

The most unheralded game in the MAAC is definitely the Mascot game. In the game, which ended up a 4-2 final, Siena Saints mascot Bernie nailed a two pointer on Shooter the Red Fox. Catch more Siena Saints Blog video at our video homepage.

A Letter To The Committee

I’ve got one thing to say, put Siena in Providence or Buffalo. Last year, you gave this team an extremely tough task in traveling to Dayton to face Ohio State, heck even the president picked against us. The least you could do, after three consecutive years of exciting tournament appearances, is put Siena three or [...]

3/9 Media Luncheon

Fran McCaffery: How much will you work this week? To be honest with you, not very much. We’ll lift and shoot. The guys have some nicks and bruises, so we’re going to try to get them healthy. That’s the beauty of winning on Monday and not having to play for almost two weeks…Rossiter tweaked his [...]

On Campus Reaction

“I looked down and I couldn’t believe they had uniformed cops at all the entry points. I just thought, ‘wow…they really don’t want us to storm the court.’ I mean cops? Is that really necessary?” Siena senior Kevin Risolo on the increased security for the MAAC championship game. That was the general reaction from students [...]

The View From Above: Best Siena Team Ever?

Fran McCaffery and the big three answer questions from the media about their third straight championship in Monday night’s overtime win over the Fairfield Stags (Monday March 8th). Winning the MAAC Championship, traditionally played early on in championship week, gives teams, fans, and pundits a welcome luxury – a six day respite before selection Sunday [...]

MAAC, Arena Square Off Over Fans

Siena fans rush the court as the Saints celebrate their third straight MAAC Championship Monday night. The MAAC attempted to stop Siena fans from storming the court and instructed the security at the Times Union Center to do their best to stop them. However the battle between students and security was a petty one compared [...]

Championship Game: Franklin Scores in OT

Alex Franklin drives to the basket and scores two of his 22 in the Saints overtime victory over the Fairfield Stags for their third straight MAAC Championship.

Championship Game: Moore’s Huge Three

Ronald Moore sinks another huge three late in the second half in Siena’s overtime win over Fairfield to take the MAAC Championship.

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