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Q&A: Siena’s Tyler Simms

Tyler Simms is the Director of Basketball Operations for the Siena Saints; he spared a few minutes to update us on what it’s like getting adjusted to a new program and a new position at Siena. Simms graduated from Trinity College in 2008, where he was a Captain of the basketball team that won the [...]

NCAA Tournament Wrap Up

Well, we hope your weekend against the college basketball odds went well. Man it’s too bad Jimmer Fredette didn’t go to Siena. Purdue dominated from the first minute of the game against St. Peter’s on Friday night. Congrats to those three seniors, Nick Leon, Ryan Bacon, and Wesley Jenkins for reaching the NCAA tournament. As [...]

A Tribute to Marc Brown

On Monday evening Marc Brown’s (1987-1991) #4 will rise to the rafters of the Times Union Center joining two other Siena legends in Billy Harrell and Kenny Hasbrouck.  Marc Brown left a “marc” in our memories with his quick trigger and flashy passes, nicknamed “Showbiz”, Marc Brown’s most notable moment as a Siena Indian has [...]


I know why you’re visiting this site right now. You’ve already read the experts’ predictions, but you’re stuck sitting at your desk, waiting, itching, still three hours from tip, and you need to get pumped up for the game. Well that’s why we’re here… Our Cut: The 2010 Siena Saints 2009: Siena – Oh. State [...]

Siena: Expert Bracketology

The Siena Saints have made their third straight NCAA Tournament after beating Fairfield in overtime. Now begins the waiting game, waiting for the NCAA to tell the Saints where they will travel and what seed they will be in this year’s field of 65. While the Saints carry a thorough reputation into this year’s tournament, [...]

A Letter To The Committee

I’ve got one thing to say, put Siena in Providence or Buffalo. Last year, you gave this team an extremely tough task in traveling to Dayton to face Ohio State, heck even the president picked against us. The least you could do, after three consecutive years of exciting tournament appearances, is put Siena three or [...]

3/9 Media Luncheon

Fran McCaffery: How much will you work this week? To be honest with you, not very much. We’ll lift and shoot. The guys have some nicks and bruises, so we’re going to try to get them healthy. That’s the beauty of winning on Monday and not having to play for almost two weeks…Rossiter tweaked his [...]

2010 MAAC Championship Preview

ALBANY — The Siena Saints will go for their third straight MAAC Championship on Monday night as they take on the Fairfield Stags at 7pm on ESPN2. This Siena class is undoubtedly one of the best to ever touch the Loudonville campus. These seniors will be playing in their fourth straight MAAC championship game on [...]

Where To Watch

While there’s always the comfort of your own home and Tostitos chips, there’s nothing like being in a bar when the whole place is pulling for one team. We encourage you to get out there for tomorrow’s early tip and be in the company of other Saints. New York City: Copper Door Students: You’re on [...]

Opinion: It’s Got To Be Butler

The BracketBuster will be announced Monday night on the ESPNU Selection show at 6PM. Siena looks to be the front runner to draw one of the top two home teams, either Butler or VCU. Both teams have been at the top of their conference in the past year, Butler (10-0) being the best of the [...]

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