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We Need a Name…

For THE Ohio State game. Double Order? The game? Dayton Dominance? That last one is lame… but leave your ideas in the comments…

The Big Three: Memorable Moments

As we say goodbye to the “Big Three” senior class, and now Coach McCaffery, here is a look back at all the big games Alex Franklin, Edwin Ubiles, and Ronald Moore were involved in during their four year career at Siena. 2006-2007 Season Siena beats UAlbany in double overtime 76-75. Ubiles scores 20 points after [...]


I know why you’re visiting this site right now. You’ve already read the experts’ predictions, but you’re stuck sitting at your desk, waiting, itching, still three hours from tip, and you need to get pumped up for the game. Well that’s why we’re here… Our Cut: The 2010 Siena Saints 2009: Siena – Oh. State [...]

Meet The 2010 Siena Saints

South: #4 Purdue vs. #13 Siena Who is Siena? Haven’t I seen this name the past two years in my bracket? This name is so familiar I should just pick them right? Yes, and yes. It’s a great day in sports; it’s the day that you spend penciling in teams in your bracket, until you [...]

Gene Jarman’s Letter

Gene Jarman, a whiny Ohio State fan has become well known in Albany for his bashing of Siena fans. In his letter, profiled by the Times Union and most recently Deadspin, he complains that Siena fans refused to sit down. (uhm hello, welcome to college basketball). He also says that fans were yelling ‘F bombs’ [...]

Essay: Expectations vs. Enjoyment

I haven’t written much this weekend or responded to emails. Kudos to Ronald Moore. I haven’t written much because my perspective has changed.  Actually, it’s a reflection of how my twenty year viewpoint as a Siena fan has changed over the past five months. After Siena made their run in 1989, and went to the [...]

Highlights: Siena Wins 74-72 2OT
Links: #1 Louisville vs. #9 Siena

Rebounding did in the Buckeyes last night. Columns are already out that the Buckeyes blew it. Ohio State Head Coach Thadd Matta had this to say: “We were never in the game mentally the way we needed to be,” Matta said after the eighth-seeded Buckeyes were bounced in the opening round for the first time [...]

Siena Wins 74-72, Play Lousiville at 5:20 Sunday

Not an amazing game offensively for the Saints but Ronald Moore makes HUGE shots to beat the Buckeyes. #9 Siena shot 33% from the field, their lowest percentage of the season. Siena‘s 51 rebounds are a season high, 21 of those being offensive rebounds which is also a season high. Alex Franklin (10 pts, 13 [...]

Preview: #8 Ohio State vs. #9 Siena

Siena is ready to go to work. There are expected to be a lot of Ohio State fans but also many Louisville fans who might stick around and root for the Saints. Joe Lunardi likes the Saints to advance, John Gasaway doesn’t think so. If anyone remembers, Kenny Hasbrouck was in a scoring slump early [...]

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