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Saints Having Trouble Filling Home Dates has been running a series of stories on teams looking to fill their schedules for 2009-2010. In the first part (April 21) all three teams were searching to finish their schedules. Siena Assistant Coach Adam Chaskin opened up for the Saints in the article and said he wouldn’t have trouble filling road games but [...]

ESPN Insider: Siena

Mike Hume at Insider mentioned the Saints briefly in his column Tuesday, Take Siena, a tournament team that knocked off Vanderbilt last year and returned all its starters. The Saints couldn’t snag a win against Tennessee nor Oklahoma State nor even Wichita State at the Old Spice Classic. They also lost at Pittsburgh and [...]

Whelliston Weighs In’s Kyle Whelliston had this to say about Siena’s season thus far: Another round of 32 squad that has underachieved is the Saints, who have lived under the mid-major microscope after their crushing 13-over-4 victory over Vanderbilt (in the same Tampa pod that produced the San Diego shocker). A virtually intact team simply hasn’t been [...]

Team Update: Thursday

Yet another 7:30am wake up call from Mickey and Minnie put another unpleasant end to a great night’s sleep. Breakfast was served promptly at 8am, the standard team pre-game meal. Following breakfast we had an hour to rest before we left for the Milk House. Leaving the Coronado Springs at 9:45, we arrived at the [...]

Recap: Siena vs. Tennessee

The Saints were defeated by the Tennessee Volunteers 78-64 at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex. Woolridge, Smith and Chism all scored over 14 points, and dominated their Siena counterparts atheletically. It was a hard fought game from the Saints, who got great play from their forwards. Tennessee was all over Kenny Hasbrouck. Kenny shot [...]

Team Update: Tuesday

Hi all, my name is Matt DeFazio. I’m a senior at Siena and am one of the managers for the Siena Saints Men’s Basketball team. I’ll be keeping Siena Saints Blog up to date with our happenings from Florida, so be sure to check back often. I’ll try to get some photos up too. We departed Albany [...]

Photos: Old Spice Classic
Preview: Siena vs. Tennessee

The Saints are not going to sneak up on Bruce Pearl’s Volunteers this year, having watched us defeat fellow conference rival Vanderbilt last March. Much like Siena, Tennessee is the favorite to win their conference (SEC East) in 2008-09. However unlike Siena, Tennessee really has yet to mesh as a team. The two teams will [...]